State Dept. Whistleblower Sued in Retaliation by John Kerry — and the Case Could Reveal Sordid Accusations of Department Misconduct

(by Sara Carter, TheBlaze) -- Richard “Rick” Higbie has spent more than a month under a barrage of financial attacks by the Northern District of Texas U.S. attorney’s office under the direction of the State Department. The attacks are an attempt to silence the government agent and they originate from the very people he has sworn an oath to protect.

Higbie is a distinguished 16-year veteran of the Diplomatic Security Services, the arm of the State Department that investigates crimes and provides protection to diplomats overseas.

But he has been battling his employers almost his entire career, starting when his then-infant daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and his supervisors suggested he quit his job.

Higbie said his government employers claimed that his child’s illness created a situation where he could not work overseas as a foreign service officer. When he fought back with a discrimination lawsuit, he began to feel the full force of the State Department coming down on him. The message: Don’t cross us.

Higbie first filed suit in 2001. He and the State Department finally reached a settlement four years later in 2005; Higbie currently is the lead criminal investigator within the Bureau of Diplomatic Security’s Dallas field office.

Everything seemed fine until 2008, when the harassment began again under a returning old guard that has continued to this day, Higbie’s attorneys told TheBlaze TV’s For the Record in the season premiere episode “Honor Fight: The Battle Inside the State Department.”

What started as a civil discrimination suit has evolved into a much larger crisis for the State Department, threatening to expose corruption, diplomatic cover-ups, sexual misconduct within the U.S. diplomatic corps and the failure by department brass to take action. After he helped a fellow whistleblower bring some of those allegations to light, four years’ of Higbie’s emails were deleted from his personal email account and several computers were stolen in a break-in at his attorney’s office in Dallas.

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