Somali Community Leaders in Minn: Jihadists Recruiting Using 'Same Methods as Gangs'

Omar Jamal:  Why isn’t US law enforcement preventing American teens from being radicalized?  (TRT: 16)

OMAR JAMAL: It defies logic, how this is happening under the nose of the law enforcement agency.  What’s going on here?  As we speak right now, young kids, probably at the airport somewhere in this country, (are) going to join ISIS.  What happened?

Omar Jamal: The leaders of my community need to condemn radical Islam.  (TRT: 20)

OMAR JAMAL:  The only way to do something about it is to appeal, and I’m asking this, the majority of the Muslim- American citizens, the leadership of my community, the Muslim community, not only in Minneapolis, but in California, in New York, in DC, to come out in one voice to come out and condemn these tactics.


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