SICK: New video game simulates shooting NRA president in the head...


An anonymous computer game developer has released a violent video game online called, “Bullet to the Head of the NRA,” which allows players to shoot the president of the National Rifle Association.

In a post on a website called Encylopedia Dramtica Forums, user “gizmo01942” made it clear the game was developed out of anger that the NRA has knocked the video game industry in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre for promoting violence. The game is available as a .zip file on the forum.

In his much-publicized speech on Dec. 21, Wayne LaPierre, the organization’s CEO, said, “Isn’t fantasizing about killing people as a way to get your kicks really the filthiest form of pornography?”

Those comments apparently really ticked off some online video game developers. The person who developed it referred to online as “a demo where you get to shoot some of the NRA’s actual key members in response to them blaming violence on video games.”

“I really want to shoot Wayne [LaPierre] in the head in a video game because I’m pissed about how he and others on his side have blamed violence on video games,” the user said on the forum.

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