SHOCK: Third-grade boy forced to perform oral sex on three male classmates at Harlem school...

 NY Daily News

NY Daily News

(NY Daily News) -- A third-grade boy was dragged into a bathroom at his Harlem elementary school and forced to perform oral sex on three male classmates, including one who was involved in an attack on a female student two years earlier, according to a bombshell lawsuit.

The 8-year-old boy had just finished lunch at Public School 194 and was in a hallway waiting for class to start when a fifth-grader, the ringleader, and two third-graders pushed him screaming and pleading for help into a bathroom stall, the lawsuit says.

He said one boy held his hands behind his back during the March 2012 attack while another forced him to his knees.

The three culprits then took turns pulling their pants down and demanded that the victim perform oral sex, according to court papers.

“When I was going on line three kids drag me to the bathroom and they pull down there (sic) pants,” the lawsuit says he wrote in a statement to the school. “I told them no but they didn’t listen to me.”

After the boys were done with their sick session, the terrified victim rushed to class and told a teacher what happened, according to a report filed to the Education Department by officials at the W. 144th St. school.

He recalled that the perverse pupils “told everyone” about what they made him do.

The teacher alerted guidance counselor Alicia Blackwood and principal Josephine Bazan, who called the boy’s mother.

“I don’t know how to explain this to you, but your son was in the bathroom and was forced to perform oral sex on three boys,” the mother, whose name is being withheld by the News, recalled Bazan telling her when she arrived at the school.

The mother said she is filing a $6 million lawsuit Friday against the city Education Department in Manhattan Supreme Court for “emotional and psychological anguish,” and for failing to alert parents and authorities that the ringleader had a history as a “sexual deviant.” Continue reading via NY Daily News...

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