Is this the last straw? Barack Obama Behind Largest Prison Break in US History...

(by Kris Zane, WCJ) -- 36,000 criminals—including murderers, kidnappers, and child molesters—now roam the streets of America thanks to Barack Hussein Obama. America woke up the morning of Monday, May 12, 2014, to discover that the Obama administration had released a staggering 36,000 illegal aliens onto the streets in 2013, most convicted of serious crimes.

Congressman Lamar Smith has called this the largest prison break in U.S. history!

Pandering to Hispanics and hoping to tap potential Democrats, Obama ignored the rule of law and put millions of Americans in danger. Obama and his family are constantly surrounded by a phalanx of secret service agents wielding automatic weapons—but what about the rest of Americans? Don’t we count?  When one of Obama’s criminal illegal aliens breaks into our home, tries to murders a family member, and attempts to kidnap one of our children to perform unspeakable acts on them, who will be there to protect us?

Many in America have called this the last straw. That Obama needs to be impeached— NOW.

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