Shock Claim: MH370 Shot Down By Chinese

(by Susan Duclos) -- The title, lifted from the Western Journalism video below, is outrageous, yet as we are reminded in the video, no more outrageous than the multitude of initial fairy tales told to the public across the world about the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 and the 239 people aboard.

They provide a list of stories that came out originally;• First we were told there was engine trouble and the plane crashed.

  • Iranians hijacked MH370!
  • The plane flew too high, knocking everyone out and then it crashed.
  • The plane flew too low, avoided radar.
  • The pilot was a political zealot and crashed it on purpose.
  • The pilot was out of his mind because of a love affair.
  • The flight continued on for seven hours after shutting down communications, without being detected on radar!

Then we are asked to believe, that the flight managed to approach Diego Garcia, which has some of the most sophisticated and advanced tracking technology, to crash into the Indian Ocean, without being detected.

With all those stories being reported, then discarded, it makes the shock claim by intelligence expert Michael Shrimpton, a little less “shocking,” as he asserts that not only was MH370 shot down by a rogue group of Chinese nationalists from the communist party, but that NSA satellites actually tracked the missile that launched to shoot it down, and that Russia and China are blackmailing Obama into silence.

According to the video below, Shrimpton claims that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden managed to obtain documents proving that Barack Obama’s DNA results, obtained by the CIA, could not be matched to his grandparents, and the information was handed over to Russia and is being used by them and their allies, including the Chinese, to control Barack Obama.

The entire video is a must-see.

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