Scandal-hit Democrats both lose out: Spitzer bows out gracefully while Weiner signs off with a middle finger moments after Sydney Leathers drops by his 'victory' party...

  • Anthony Weiner lost the mayor's race and didn't thank his wife Huma in his concession speech Tuesday night
  • Huma was not at his 'victory' party but his former sexting partner Sydney Leathers showed up and crashed the event
  • Huma said to be hundreds of miles away in the Hamptons 
  • Bill de Blasio beat Weiner and the other Democrats, making him the next Democratic candidate for mayor of New York City's 
  • Former Governor Eliot Spitzer also lost comptroller race


(DAILY MAIL) -- Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner bowed out of the New York City mayoral contest with his middle finger raised to the reporters who covered his scandal-ridden campaign. 

His wife Huma Abedin was not looking on as he gave his concession, and he didn't even thank his long-plagued wife in his remarks. Abedin was said to be hundreds of miles away in the Hamptons.  

Rather than bowing out gracefully, Weiner decided to throw one final insult at the voters by flipping his middle finger at the crowd as he drove off. 

Instead of having his wife at the midtown bar where he and his supporters gathered Tuesday night, a different woman was attracting attention: Sydney Leathers, the woman with whom he had a sexting relationship, crashed his party.

The mood was notably happier in Brooklyn where former public advocate Bill de Blasio celebrated his victory alongside his family, with the whole crew dancing next to one another in front of a cheering crowd. Read more via Daily Mail...

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