Sandy Hook: Death Records Show Obama May Have Stolen Harrison Bounel's SSN?

(PP SIMMONS) -- Would access to Harrison Bounel's Death Records prove Obama used Bounel's SSN?

Many are now thinking - "Yes."

After the Sandy Hook "School shooting," CT made a bizarre move.  CT locked down ALL Death Certificates -- for any deaths in the entire State of CT.

Governor Malloy signed three Orwellian bills into law, after they were crammed thru at 2AM, "for the children."

As a result, CT Death Certificates are NO LONGER public record -- you cannot obtain them.  Death Certificates have been PUBLIC RECORD for hundreds of years…. but suddenly, NOT ANYMORE.

Was the Sandy Hook "massacre" a ruse to lock down the Death Records of Harrison J Bounel -- the real owner of Obama's allegedly STOLEN SSN:  #042-68-4425?

Harrison J Bounel died at Fairfield State Mental Hospital (circa 1978) in Newtown CT. Where is that location?  It's 1 mile from Sandy Hook Elementary school.

In other words, the rightful owner of Obama's SSN died in the SAME TOWN where the historic "Newtown school massacre" occurred.  Just 1 mile away.

Same State (CT). Same town (Newtown). Same town clerk's office with same records (Newtown town clerk).

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