REPORT: Valerie Jarrett’s Secret Enemies List

(by DW Ulsterman) -- More and more voices are joining in the call to remove Valerie Jarrett from her position of considerable power within the embattled Obama White House. (Some have argued she IS the power within the White House) A just published report from Newsmax describes Jarrett’s secret enemies list upon which are written the names of those she feels have crossed the Obama administration. (It appears that Jarrett has been more an obstructer than a facilitator over the past six years when it comes to governing, and it’s probably long past time for the president to move her gently into another role.)

The Newsmax report included a story from a progressive activist who saw the Iranian-born Jarrett wave the list in front of her.  The mysteriously powerful Senior White House adviser is said to have accumulated vast numbers of detractors who cannot understand how such a figure has managed to become so influential to the day to day operation of the federal government.

Even supporters of Obama himself are said to be begging the president to shift Jarrett into a more ceremonial role that will take her away from the White House – perhaps an ambassadorship or similar position. Jarrett is seen as an obstructer of any and all ideas that run counter to her own and thus by default, those of the president.  Jarrett is then both the brain and the heart of Barack Obama and so therefore, given the president’s plummeting approval ratings, deserves much of the blame for the administration’s current condition.

Perhaps though, any such attempts to remove Jarrett from power will result in those names being crossed off her list, never to be heard from again…

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