Report: Obama, Staffers Not Even Trying Anymore

By Joseph Curl, The Washington Times

President Obama and his sycophantic minions don’t even bother any more to come up with plausible answers to queries from the suddenly awakened media. Instead, they just repeat past talking points — aware that they’ve been repeatedly proven false, but not caring a bit.

In short, their lies don’t make sense anymore, and they’re not even trying to be convincing.

Like last week, when the president was out west on yet another fundraising trip (judging from his thin schedule, you’d think Iraq and Libya and the Middle East and Ukraine and the U.S. economy were all getting along just fine.) The schedule released by the White House said that on one of those nights, he’d just be staying in at his hotel.

Now, the president doesn’t often do that when he’s on a trip. He is, after all, in Los Angeles: Can’t he find even one person to have dinner with? After all, Hollywood isn’t far away.

“The president has some downtime when he gets to L.A. and has sort of an early night tonight. Could you give us any sense of what he’s doing when they get there?” a reporter asked on Air Force One on the way to L.A.

“I will check. I’m not sure,” said the deputy White House spokesman, Eric Schultz. (Uh, isn’t that kinda’ his job to know?)

“The background to that question,” the reporter continued, “is one time when he came to L.A., he went out for dinner with [film studio executive Jeffrey] Katzenberg and we didn’t find out about it until the next day. So we’ll be very eager to find out about it today if he has plans tonight.”

“And in that event,” said another reporter, “he didn’t leave the hotel and that’s why we weren’t told about it beforehand.”

The transcript from the July 23 gaggle said Mr. Schultz responded: “Noted. (Laughter.)”

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