REPORT: Kenyans Rage as Obama Skips Father's Homeland on Africa Trip...



(The Cable) -- The itinerary for President Barack Obama's upcoming trip to Africa is coming under fire for one country not on it: Kenya, the birthplace of his father.

In a conference call on Friday, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes told reporters that the president still has a "deep, personal, familial connection to Kenya," but "it just wasn't the best time for the president to travel to Kenya." Part of that bad timing is likely due to the March election of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta who happens to face crimes against humanity charges at the International Criminal Court, a process the the U.S. supports.

But don't tell the Kenyans, who've been sounding off about the perceived snub on Twitter and to the local press.

"We elected our president and whether the ICC comes or goes he is our president. We have already seen what is happening to the ICC case," a Kenyan teacher told local news outlet Capital News.

"A time will come when he (Obama) will need Kenya and he needs to remember that Kenyans' lives were still going on even before he took over office from George Bush," Kenyan Mavado Ondivo told the local outlet.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan hashtag #WhyObamaWillSkipKenya has erupted on Twitter. Read more via Foreign Policy...

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