Rep Steve King – The Question Is Does America Love Illegal Aliens More Than The Constitution and Rule Of Law?

(by Rick Wells, GOP The Daily Dose) -- Constitutional conservative and anti-amnesty stalwart Rep Steve King (R-IA) joins Laura Ingraham from the “Republican retreat,” which thankfully is not verbiage but a gathering to determine strategies and focus.

She says she’s looking for a number and asks the Congressman how many solid, Reagan conservatives really exist in the Republican conference. King estimates the number to be around seventy House members, depending upon the issue.

Ingraham notes the success that conservatives had last year was partially due to the fact that it was an election year and the establishment was worried. Now, citing the Rep Renee Ellmers of NC as an example, the pressure is less and the RINOs are showing their true stripes and allegiances.

King says while they have had some successes, he’s really disappointed that the country didn’t erupt to the dictatorial actions of this pseudo-president.  He says Congress doesn’t have the needed backbone because the representatives equivocate and self-rationalize, even when they are faced with a clear Constitutional question, they’ll “rationalize their way around it anyway.”

He points to Senator Ted Cruz’s procedural vote on the Constitutionality of the Obama edict and the fact that in spite of being clearly unconstitutional, only 22 Senators were willing to go on the record in opposition.

Congressman King said, it was a “disappointment to me to see that people who take an oath to uphold the Constitution can turn right around the next week and decide ‘it doesn’t matter in this case because it doesn’t fit my…, it doesn’t match my heart’ and so I just said here’s what’s at stake here. Do we love illegal immigrants more than we love the Constitution and the rule of law? A simple question, I think it was answered.”

Laura Ingraham injects that Jeb Bush does, and Congressman King replies that he “thinks so too.” Ingraham goes on to describe the Bush narrative of how much better Latino imports are than Americans and our many flaws according to the establishment pro-amnesty candidate.

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