Religion of Peace™ -- Muslim Cleric Says Journalists Who “Speak Evil of The Jihad” Have Their “Hands Chopped Off And Tongues Cut Out”…


In a Friday sermon, Saudi Imam Ibrahim Al-Harethi extolled martyrdom and Jihad, and criticized the “traitors in the Arab media” – mentioning Al-Arabiya TV and the Saudi London-based “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat” daily – praying to Allah to have “their hands chopped off and their tongues cut out.” The sermon was rebroadcast on the Saudi 4Shbab TV on February 14, 2014, but was apparently originally delivered in March 2013.

Following are excerpts:

Ibrahim Al-Harethi: How can a Muslim possibly be willing to forget the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestine, and its people?

Do you contribute part of your wages to Palestine? [This money goes] to the mujahideen, to the martyrdom-seekers, to the heroes, to the orphans, to the bereaved, to mothers who say, after four or five of their children were martyred: “I am sending my sixth, seventh, and eighth to Jihad for Palestine.” [...]

[Some Arabs] talk about dialogue for peace with “the other,” with the West… What dialogue?! These people understand nothing but force. Only pride, enmity, and Jihad are useful against them. These people understand nothing but the language of force.

The [martyrdom-seekers] sacrificed their bodies for the sake of Allah.They blew themselves up like volcanoes until the Earth shook, and was filled with the torn body parts of Zionists. As for the martyr, he was placed in Paradise. How blessed he is to meet the black-eyed virgins.

Some traitors in the Arab media – for example, in Al-Arabiya TV and the Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper – distort the image of Jihad and of Hamas, and say unspeakable things. We will discuss them on another occasion. We pray for Allah to guide them, but if they refuse to be guided, may He punish them, and have their hands chopped off and their tongues cut out, because those tongues are always speaking evil of the Jihad, of Hamas, of the Palestinians, and of martyrdom operations.

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