RedFlag News App FREE for 24 Hours via iTunes Limited Time - Save $1.99 - Our Sequester Gift to You!

 on the iTunes Store through April 14, 2013

on the iTunes Store through April 14, 2013

(Justin Spencer) - One of the best designed and most intuitive alternative new apps on the App Store has just gone free for a limited time (through April 14th). RedFlag News is normally $1.99 to download, and having used it I’d say it’s worth twice that. It really is a beautiful app, and you’ll not lose anything from trying it out. Head on over to the App Store to download it and give it a whirl. 

Details about the app:

A clean, minimalist, companion for concerned Americans, politicos, and news-junkies; giving you up-to-date news headlines with carefully selected photographs on your mobile device. It’s easier than ever to see the headlines and opinions that matter most, connect with a like-minded community, and stay on top of current events. 

Features include: 
- Get push notifications on the biggest stories 

- Scan the latest updates in seconds from news sources across the globe 

- See eyewitness photos and videos from breaking stories 

- Earn points toward gaining special privileges on the app and, of course, sweet rewards 

- App-only exclusive content 

- Full integration with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube and iTunes

- Advanced Push notifications for breaking newn

- Access the community from anywhere: mobile, desktop and tablet

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