Rage Building Over Barack Obama's Middle Class LIE…


(Real Clear Politics) -- Barack Obama repeated and repeated OFTEN the claim that “typical” American families would see their annual healthcare costs reduced by “up to $2500 a year.” Those who have been able to get onto the miserably inept “Affordable Healthcare Act” website are finding out a very different reality – Barack Obama lied, and he lied BIG TIME.

(The Ulsterman Report) -- As a candidate for president, Barack Obama sold his signature universal health care plan with the promise that it would “cut the cost of a typical family’s premium by up to $2,500 a year.”

Now that the Affordable Care Act exchanges are open for business, voters are finding that the biggest problem with Obamacare is not that some websites crashed last week but that the Obama promise of big savings for the average family was too good to be true.

Now that the exchanges are open for business, people who already have individual coverage have something new not to like: sticker shock. The Affordable Care Act isn’t affordable after all.

Last week, I began hearing from readers whose individual policy premiums are going up, not down. A local architect sent me a notice he received from Kaiser Permanente informing him that his individual coverage will increase by $199.95 per month, or 78.9 percent. When he added his two sons, the percentage increase was even greater.

A freelance journalist told me she made $98,000 last year. But she and her retired husband, both 51, wouldn’t pay $7,200 in premiums for high-deductible coverage. It’s cheaper to pay the fine, she said. Besides, she added, “we’re healthy.” Continue reading via The Ulsterman Report...

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