RACE-HOAX BACKLASH: “Selma” Earns Only Two Oscar Nominations . . . Al Sharpton Calls For Emergency Diversity Task Force Meeting...

Big Hollywood: Oprah Winfrey’s “Selma” took a pretty harsh beating Thursday morning as nominations were announced for the 87th annual Oscar nominations. The civil rights drama was blanked in every major category, including Best Actor, Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, and Score.

“Selma” did win what can only be interpreted as a also-ran Best Picture nomination, something it almost certainly would not have if the Academy hadn’t expanded its number of nominations past 5 a few years ago.

The other nomination was for Best Song, which was no surprise after its Golden Globes win Sunday night.

After being snubbed for a number of other awards, “Selma’s” poor showing at the Oscars was also no surprise. The film has faced withering criticism for its defamatory depiction of President Lyndon Johnson. “Selma” portrays Johnson as Martin Luther King’s chief antagonist when history proves he was the civil rights leader’s partner when it came to encouraging the march in Selma and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

This isn’t the first time producer Winfrey has found herself involved in a scandal surrounding false charges of racism. Just last year her racial drama “The Butler” was found lacking in historical accuracy. The powerful media titan also launched what many believed was a false charge of racism against a helpless Swiss store clerk. Keep reading

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