Pure Propaganda from Obama’s ‘State Run’ Media -- Reuters and Yahoo! actually reported that Obama visited the Texas border complete with a picture

(by Jennifer Burke, TPNN) -- When Barack Obama was in high school, he was apparently too cool for school. Very often, he chose to drink, smoke weed, party, and play basketball over actually attending classes. In fact, he has admitted that is what he primarily did his last two years in high school. Now, as President of the United States, it seems that the ‘too cool’ for real work Obama is in stealth mode.

The illegal alien invasion of our southern border is out of control. Tens of thousands have crossed the border, many carrying with them disease. Contrary to what Obama would like for you to believe, the majority of those crossing the border are adults. According to Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar, 80% are adults. The unaccompanied minor spin is simply the use of children as pawns.

Despite repeated requests from Texas Governor Rick Perry to tour the border, and the encouragement of individuals on both sides of the aisle for Obama to go to the border, he has refused. While he did recently visit Texas, it was for fundraising purposes. He said that going to the border would simply be a ‘political photo-op’ and he wasn’t interested in photo-ops. But, he did take a moment during a bar trip to Denver for a photo-op with a gorilla.

Rather than reporting on Obama’s refusal to visit the Texas border, Reuters actually became Obama’s state-run media propaganda machine by flat-out lying about his trip. Yahoo News joined forces to help spread this lie. These two ‘news organizations’ actually reported that Obama visited the Texas border complete with a picture. There’s only one problem. The picture was taken in Denver.

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