PROOF That Obama Met Secretly With IRS to Target Opponents...



Recently, IRS official William Wilkins has been implicated in the IRS scandal that targeted Obama’s political opponents. And Capitol Hill Daily has now learned he may have personally discussed his actions with President Obama – just days before Wilkins’ office released new procedures for how the IRS reviews conservative groups.

White House visitor logs confirm that a “William Wilkins” was at the White House on April 23, 2012, specifically to meet with Obama. Was it the same Wilkins? Unfortunately, everyone who can answer that question is hiding behind a lawyer.

Regardless, it’s now clear that directions were given to the IRS officials in Cincinnati from the highest levels of government to target perceived opponents of President Obama. This was no low-level operation. All of the testimony points up the chain of command.

This is a gross violation of the IRS rules intended to keep the agency above or outside of politics. The IRS should never be involved in promoting partisan politics.

If this was an isolated scandal, one might forgive the agency. But this is only one of multiple scandals that show the agency has become a nest of corruption. Continue reading via The Western Center for Journalism...


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