Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said the nomination of Samantha Power to serve in his former position is an act of defiance to Republicans and a sign that Obama could be moving further to the left now that he doesn’t have to face the voters again.

Bolton further argued the appointment of outgoing Ambassador Susan Rice to be national security adviser is not as big of a deal. He told WND that should not be interpreted as a slap in the face because the move does not require Senate confirmation, and if Obama really wanted a fight he would have nominated Rice to be secretary of state.

When it comes to the U.N. post, Bolton said Senate Republicans should be willing to grill Power over what he considers an extreme record.

“I think her view is very radical in a whole range of issues. Some of her public comments she’s tried to back away from, but speaking as someone who wrote a lot and spoke a lot before my nomination, I remember how Democratic staffers and their senator bosses pored over articles and speeches that I’ve read, looking for one thing or another that they wanted to try and highlight,” said Bolton, who was filibustered by Democrats despite having support from a majority of senators. He was later elevated to ambassador through a recess appointment.

“If Republicans are inclined to do it, there be even more material in Samantha Power’s background than there was in mine. I think the direction of her views on multilateral diplomacy and the role of the United States, I might say the reduced role of the United States, in the world and the increased role of the United Nations. If senators want to inquire at length about it, they will certainly have an opportunity,” said Bolton. Continue reading via WND...

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