Paul Krugman: Conservative Facts Are ‘Non-Facts’...


THE BLAZE -- Liberal economist Paul Krugman, frequently known for his scathing attacks on Republicans, accused Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) of peddling “non-facts” to his face on ABC’s “This Week.” The attack followed a scathing back and forth between Johnson and Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz over the state of negotiations regarding entitlement spending between the White House and Republicans in Congress, in which Wasserman-Schultz accused Republicans of being disorganized and misinformed, and Ron Johnson accused Democrats of bargaining in bad faith, and ignoring the budget’s many problems.

It was at this point that Krugman jumped in. “Let’s start with the facts. And we’ve run aground right there. We cannot agree,” Krugman laughed.

“We’ve got to agree on the facts,” Johnson retorted.

“But your facts are false,” Krugman snapped. “The Social Security thing. Social Security is — it has a designated revenue base, it has a trust fund based on the designated revenue base. You can’t change the rules midstream.”

Watch the extremely uncomfortable exchange below, via Mediaite:

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