Outstanding Blog Post -- "Homeland Bound: Obama’s Ego Creates Another Scandal"

(The Wilderness) -- In the movie Wag the Dog, a skilled political operative (Robert DeNiro) and a famed movie producer (Dustin Hoffman) devise a plan to stage a POW rescue to keep the President’s sex scandal from torpedoing his re-election chances. Images of his face are held up with flags. They get Willie Nelson to write a song and citizens begin throwing “Old shoes” over power lines in support. The country comes together, united behind a brave hero. The only problem is POW Willy Schumann ( played by Woody Harrelson) whose release they secretly arrange, turns out to be a violent lunatic who loses control and causes the transport plane to crash en route to the photo op with the President. Hoffman and DeNiro are left sitting in the burning, flamed-out wreckage of the plane trying to talk themselves up from impending doom.

“This is nothing!” Hoffman proclaims, his catch phrase throughout the film as he deals with mounting crisis after crisis.

On Saturday, Barack Obama, desperate to get a Veterans Affairs cover up scandal out of the news cycle and off Sunday morning shows, announced that the only remaining POW of the Afghanistan war, Bowe Bergdahl was coming home, in exchange for five high level Taliban commanders. He did so with the soldier’s parents, Bob and Jani Bergdahl at his side. Obama, bathed in warm afternoon sunlight, in a rose garden in full bloom, proclaimed “This is a good day.” and warmly embraced the elated couple. The VA cover ups were down the memory hole. Oprah was probably crying.

It took all of about 6 hours for the carelessly crafted narrative surrounding Bowe Bergdahl and dad to start crumbling.

It was revealed that Obama broke law by failing to notify congress of the intended prisoner transfer 30 days prior. The White House didn’t even pretend that no laws were broken, just that they felt they were in the right, as Jay Carney put it. The Obama loyalists in the media tried to play it up as a matter of oppostion perspective and failed. The law was broken. The administration just doesn’t care and they know mass media doesn’t care either.

This is nothing.

Several links turned up on Twitter and YouTube of Bob Bergdahl professing sympathies for the Taliban and in one tweet, promising divine revenge for the deaths of every Afghanistan child. Shortly after it went viral, it disappeared without explanation. In addition to tweeting regularly with at Taliban propaganda website and declaring western democracy a cult, he also made sympathetic web videos towards the Taliban on behalf of his son. Social media wondered if this was some Stockholm Syndrome by proxy. More than likely it was just a father reaching out to his son the only way he knew how. What matters is this was not the same man the White House put in front of a Presidential podium. This was a man actively engaged in anti US propaganda who just shared an embrace with the leader of the free world.

This is nothing.

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