O’Reilly on Growing Threats to America: ‘Something Is Terribly Wrong’


FOX News Insider:

In this evening's Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly sounded the alarm on growing threats to America, starting with Russian “dictator” Vladimir Putin’s attempts to humiliate President Obama at every turn.

"The Factor" host singled out Russia’s violation of the 1987 missile treaty, separatist rebels’ continued attacks in Ukraine and the hampered investigation into the MH17 crash as extreme acts of Russian provocation, not to mention Putin’s announcement that he will restore relations with Castro’s Cuba.

Today, Obama – along with leaders from European nations – imposed new sanctions on Russia, but O'Reilly didn’t recommend holding your breath that these sanctions will stick or be effective, as Europeans “have acted cowardly in the face of Putin's aggression.”

The O'Reilly Factor

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