Op-Ed: It Is Time to Defund and Abolish DHS...

 White House Photo

White House Photo

DHS was formed as a result of the 911, when 19 jihadists, Radical Muslim terrorists, most of whom came from Saudi Arabia, who were armed with box-cutter knives, took over the planes and flew them into the Pentagon and the twin Towers.

DHS was formed and billions of dollars were spent. Americans were made to go through long TSA lines in the airports, subjected to searches and seizures in violation of their fourth amendment rights, old ladies were searched, little kids were searched, diapers were searched.

Now Napolitano came with new directives which will allow knives and clubs on the planes. Citizens of the Saudi Arabia will get a green light and will go through the fast lane in the airports. Napolitano is releasing thousands of illegals from prisons. On the other hand, she issued directives naming the returning veterans-domestic terrorists, new laws might endanger their second amendment rights, and DHS is purchasing 1.6 billion of rounds of ammunition and 1.7 thousand armored vehicles, but refuses to respond to the U.S. Congress, what is this purchase for.

When Obama ran for office, he promised to create a civilian army more funded than the U.S. military. It is clear that Indonesian citizen usurper Soebarkah-soetoro-Obama is using DHS to build his private army.

With so many infringements on our civil rights, with the new NDAS, 30,000 drones watching us from the sky, with boots on the ground in violation of posse comitatus, the whole nation is being turned into one concentration camp: with the criminals being out and the law abiding American citizens kept in.

It is clear that the DHS is not in the business of protecting us, it is in the business of protecting criminals and keeping us controlled. The DHS no longer plays any role in protecting of the U.S. citizens. It is time to defund and abolish it, sell all of its assets and ammo and return all the proceeds to the U.S. treasury for partial repayment of our debt or maybe using some of this money to reopen the WH for kids and the national parks to law abiding Americans.

This Op-Ed Was Originally Posted on the Website of Dr. Taitz, Esq.

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