Op-Ed: Is Obama A Psychopath?



(by GENE DAILY via WCJ) -- The question “Is Obama a psychopath?” may seem a harsh critique of the man and his administration. My contention is that the answer is in the affirmative and in fact is not harsh at all. The term “psychopath” is not always derogatory. In fact, many great men could be described on some level as psychopathic-type personalities. And there are tests to determine the level of psychopathy; and in certain aspects, these factors are determined by levels of eight independent states: Machiavellian Egocentricity; Impulsive Nonconformity; Blame Externalisation; Carefree Nonplanfulness; Fearlessness; Social Potency; Stress Immunity; and Cold-heartedness.

Try thinking of these different states as dial controls on a powerful machine. The higher the settings, the more power is delivered. All these factors really divide and reform along three simple things depending on their needs: Self-Centred Impulsivity, Fearless Dominance, and Cold-heartedness. When the power settings exceed the maximum allowable, well, we could see the results (Jefferey Dahmer, for example.) In the case of Obama and his administration, the settings are frightfully high, in the range of letting an inexperienced team and driver into a formula one race.

If we are honest with ourselves, we have witnessed all these traits demonstrated, especially with the debacle in Libya just before the election and the revelations of numerous scandals unfolding this year. Taking into account the manner in which both he and his administration have responded to them, personally, I believe we may be witnessing what happens when a psychopath occupies the most powerful office in the world and has no experience to handle the challenges. After all, for most of his life, he has been a community organizer, with no real responsibility for what would happen if the things he demanded were implemented (that is, until now.)

If we look at some of the traits we would ascribe to influential industry leaders and the corresponding traits that describe psychopaths, it may be even more troubling for those of us who are able to think outside the influence of the Obama mystique. If we say that an industry leader is charismatic, then a psychopath is described as having superficial charm. The leader is self-confident; the psychopath is prone to grandiosity. The leader has the ability to influence, while the psychopath is manipulative.

How many examples can you find concerning how these traits have manifested themselves over the last four and a half years of Obama’s administration? During much of the first administration, we heard that it was all George W Bush’s fault. Now that this excuse is getting a little worn out, at this particular moment, the scandals are a “phony” political farce per Obama. It doesn’t matter that four people died in Libya; “What difference does it make?!” is the reply from a famous personage during the last administration. It it phony when certain highly-placed people in the IRS felt the need to claim the protection of the Fifth Amendment when questioned about their actions. For every crisis in this administration, there is a ready excuse (i.e. the President was not informed, or it was the actions of some as yet unidentified lower level person, etc.) This was definitely not the style of another famous Democrat President; Truman had that motto on his desk: “The Buck Stops Here”. For many different reasons, it seems the proverbial buck never stops in the Obama administration.

I am not a qualified mental health professional by any means. I am simply a person who has become increasingly concerned after observing a President acting under his powers of executive orders, doing things I never believed were possible. I might even be described as a critic of his administration; that is OK with me as I feel I am in good company. Before you completely discount what I have written here, may I suggest a book? “The Wisdom of Psychopaths,” written by Kevin Dutton, is informative on this topic.

While I am in no respect comparing Obama to Ted Bundy, for example, I would also not compare Obama with Winston Churchill. In other words, Simon Cowell may have many of the same traits I mentioned above; the difference is that he is not in control of the greatest military might the world has ever seen (nor would I want him to be.) Read more via WCJ...


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