OP-ED: "America needs Mitt Romney in 2016"


(by Dwight L. Schwab Jr., Examiner.com) -- In July, 2014, more than two years before the presidential election, there doesn’t seem to be any one Republican candidate that sticks out. Enter former GOP presidential nominee Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney. Yes, he insists he is not running for president the next time around, but doesn’t every political candidate?

In a commentary in Politico Magazine the case is made that Romney could very well walk away with the nomination with little effort. Written by Emil Henry, former assistant treasury secretary under President George W. Bush, his arguments are more than just credible. He believes it wholeheartedly and even campaigned for Romney in 2012.

Romney is the de facto leader of the Republican Party.Who else stands out in the field of Republican wanna-bes? Does Christie, Paul, Cruz or Perry draw much attention this early in the game? Will they ever?

Add the fact that Mitt Romney is the only presidential candidate in 50 years who is not a career politician. That in itself is a feather in his political cap this time around. Voters are annoyed with Obama’s stilted ideology and the strong odor of incompetence.

Say what you will about Romney, but incompetence is not on the tip of anyone’s tongue. He provides the contrast necessary for a Hillary Clinton showdown. Tired of career politicians, like many Americans are? How about his vast experience in the world of business successfully executing initiatives?

When was the last time the word ‘success” was used in Washington?

Henry writes, "Call Mitt Romney what you will, but his core competence is just that: competence. Unlike career politicians who tend to rise or fall on the level of their oratory, Mitt is, at his core, a chief executive"

He continues, "No doubt Mitt is more comfortable tackling complex problems and analyzing data than kissing babies or yucking it up on a rope line. But maybe that's what America needs in 2016, and given the multitude of today's challenges, maybe the Quinnipiac poll reflects the growing view that it's what we needed all along."

Romney is a man who will not be easily dismissed after the last six years of White House stumbles and outright failure. Polls show that 33 percent of registered voters think Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II. Forty-five percent said the United States would have been better off if Romney had defeated Obama's re-election bid in 2012.

Need more proof? George W. Bush had a better rating than Obama after six years of White House bashing and blaming the former president for just about everything including the Lindberg baby kidnapping.

It is a new day in national politics and Republicans need to think twice about their collection of potential candidates. The Republicans have an excellent chance to take over as the Senate majority this November.Their choice for president in 2016 will be a defining point in the party’s history and future.

Alex Wong was the former foreign policy director for the Romney-Ryan 2012 presidential campaign. He wrote in Politico, "Foreign policy thinkers should ask not just which issues Romney was right about, but also why he has been proven right, and consistently so, about major foreign issues. That deeper question holds lessons for the Obama administration and for future presidents."

This time around, the future looks a whole lot brighter for a man of Romney’s unquestionable talents. The brand of talent that has been sorely lacking the last six years with this White House. With Mitt running against Hillary Clinton, how many voters will think twice about her Benghazi debacle before thinking about Mitt Romney's competence?

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