Oopsy: Hillary 'Pretends to Grill Steak That Had Been Pre-Cooked for Her'...

  Why, they’re just regular folks, just like us! ( AP photo .)

Why, they’re just regular folks, just like us! (AP photo.)

(by Jim Geraghty, National Review) -- How perfectly Clintonian: “While a crowd of several thousand Democrats waited on a sloping, grassy field below, Mrs Clinton, her husband and Senator Harkin staged a mini-grilling of steaks for the press at a single barbecue grill in a fenced-off enclosure, framed by a handsome tree and a picnic table filled with some patient Iowans. Mrs Clinton gamely posed, pretending to grill a steak that had been pre-cooked for her.”

Remember all those relentless media references to George W. Bush’s alleged “fake” “plastic” turkey while visiting the troops in Iraq?

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