Oklahoma Muslim Who Beheaded Co-Worker Has Islamic Greeting Tattooed On His Chest…


(ZIP) -- Hmm, I’m beginning to think this guy was motivated by Islam.

Via Daily Caller:

Alton Nolen, the man accused of beheading his Oklahoma co-worker Friday, has a Muslim tattoo on his chest.

Nolen has a tattoo on his abdomen reading “AS-SALAAMU ATAIKUM,” according to Oklahoma Department of Corrections records. The Arabic message is used as a variant of “Hello” by Muslims.

Nolen also has three other tattoos, including one of Jesus Christ and one of hands praying. Nolen reportedly tried to convert his co-workers at Vaughan Foods to Islam. After he was fired, Nolen beheaded a 54-year old female co-worker and stabbed another co-worker, who is currently hospitalized, before being shot and injured by police.

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