Officials Searching For Illegal Alien With 'Severe, Contagious Strain Of TB' Who Fled Officials in California...

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A homeless man infected with Tuberculosis disappeared in Stockton.

Eduardo Rosas Cruz, 26, first came on health officials’ radar in March, after he was diagnosed with a severe and contagious strain of TB. According to the court complaint, he didn’t comply with treatment.

“He’s been found and then lost, found and lost, found and lost, so at some point we have to say we can’t find him anymore,” said Dr. Alvaro Garzo of the San Joaquin County Public Health Services.

Cruz tested positive March 14 at San Joaquin General Hospital, but never finished treatment. The bacteria in his lungs could pose a public health risk.

“Eventually without taking the meds, they [bacteria] grow and grow,” said Alvaro. “So, if he doesn’t take his meds, it can kill him. TB does kill.”

The infection is also contagious and Cruz is a transient. His last known address was at the Capri Motel on Wilson Way. None of the tenants and office manager remember when they last saw him.

Area homeless shelters were put on alert this morning, but don’t believe he was ever at the shelter, since he would lack a critical entry requirement.

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