Official Cross-Dressing Day for kids sparks outrage...

 Seriously, what the f...?!

Seriously, what the f...?!

(WND) -- It was part of a week of school spirit festivities in Milwaukee that included theme days such as Crazy Hair Day and events were routine for students and parents until the schedule hit “Gender-Bender” Day.

Then parents reacted.


“I do not want to send my son to school dressed like a girl,” one parent told Fox 6 News, which reported on the dispute.

The fight focused on the idea that school officials should not be telling students of grade school age to dress like the opposite sex.

The report from Fox said the school, when confronted by concerns about a “gender-bender” day, did decide to alter the name to “Switch it up.”

But the focus remained the same, said critics.

One mother who held her son home from school that day suggested it created an impossible situation for students – either to go along and dress up as the opposite sex, or to refuse to participate and be pointed out as someone who did not do anything.

Terrence Falks, a member of the school board, defended the activity, saying his own son-in-law remembered similar events in a church school.

But parent Sam Ward said it just teaches children the wrong lesson about gender.

According to the station’s report, it happened at Milwaukee’s Tippecanoe School. The event was held Friday. Continue reading via WND...


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