Obama’s Political Career Began With Castro-backed Terrorist


While Obama framed his latest decrees on U.S. relations with the brutal Communist Cuban dictatorship this week as a way to “help” the people of Cuba and serve “American interests,” he failed to mention an important detail of his life that may have played a role in the decision.

More than a decade before becoming president, Obama launched his fledgling political career in the home of an unrepentant communist terrorist whose murderous organization was backed primarily by none other than the ruthless Castro regime in Havana. That terrorist, of course, was William Ayers (shown), co-founder of the Weather Underground infamous for bombings, terror attacks, robberies, and murders across the United States.

As part of the broad policy changes decreed by Obama this week, the U.S. government will release spies and a convicted murderer working for the savage Communist dictatorship. In exchange, the Castro regime released American hostage Alan Gross, a man who was attempting to bring Internet to some of the enslaved Cuban people, who have virtually no access to information other than regime propaganda.

Around the world, communists and dictators celebrated the announcement that Obama was once again negotiating — or outright surrendering, perhaps — to hostage-taking terrorists. Globalists, long working to legitimize (and before that, bring to power) the Cuban regime also declared victory after the announcement.

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