Obama Will Be Just 300 Miles From Ferguson Tuesday


(by Keith Koffler, White House Dossier)

That would be Chicago.

President Obama plans to travel to Chicago tomorrow afternoon, putting him just 300 miles, or about an hour’s flight, from Ferguson, Missouri.

The previously scheduled trip lands him in a bit of a spot.

Obama, who is set to depart the White House at 1:45 pm ET, may come under pressure to visit Ferguson to calm any unrest resulting from the grand jury’s decision in the case against Officer Darren Wilson, either by stopping off first in the city or traveling there following his events in Chicago, both of which are related to his immigration order.

The prospect of Obama making a statement in Washington and then bypassing Ferguson seems politically unpalatable. Ignoring the city after hanging out so close also might not be a practical approach, particularly given recent criticism of the president’s seeming inattentiveness to his duties.

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