Obama To Help Ukraine Fight Off Russian Army . . . By Sending Them Sleeping Mats And Water Purification Systems…

Via Fox News:

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced Thursday that the U.S. will send more non-lethal military aid to Ukraine, as fighting with pro-Russian factions intensifies in the eastern part of the country.

Hagel, speaking at a press conference at the Pentagon with his Polish counterpart, said the approved aid would include medical supplies, helmets, sleeping mats, water purification units and small power generators.

The announcement follows a report earlier this week that the administration was withholding non-lethal military aid sought by the Ukrainian government, including body armor and night-vision goggles. The aid announced Thursday may stop short of all the items on Ukraine’s wishlist.

The Obama administration is weighing how deeply to get involved in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, just weeks after Russia’s government annexed the disputed Crimean Peninsula. President Obama, in an interview with CBS News, warned there would be “consequences” for Russia’s aggression but claimed Vladimir Putin is not interested in a military confrontation.

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