Obama Tears Up While Talking About His Time As A “Community Organizer”…


President Obama is displaying a more emotional side of his personality as he works to sell his second-term agenda to the public.

The Spock-like Obama criticized for being aloof has been ditched in favor of a president who tells personal anecdotes about his life, shares locked-away thoughts from his past and on several occasions has wiped away a tear or two in public.

While Obama has more flexibility to be himself now because he doesn’t face reelection, the personal touches are also in tune with a White House effort to enact an agenda that includes gun control, immigration reform and anti-poverty programs by connecting directly with the public and pressuring Congress from the outside.

Speaking about gun violence last week at an academy a short walk from his Chicago home, Obama discussed the hardships of being raised by a single mother and how he wished he had a more “involved” father.

In comments directed to at-risk youth in the predominantly African-American neighborhood, he talked about his time as a “community organizer,” telling the crowd of teenagers, “I got so discouraged, I thought about giving up.” Continue reading via The Hill...

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