SICK: Obama Refers to ISIS Victim and Former Army Ranger Peter Kassig Using Muslim Name Adopted in “Jailhouse Conversion”


(by Rick Wells, GOP The Daily Dose) -- It seems as though Hussein Obama delights in using a Muslim name to describe Peter Kassig, the former Army Ranger who was recently beheaded by the swine of ISIS.

The occupant of the White House offered his “prayers and condolences” to Kassig’s parents, saying on Sunday, “We cannot begin to imagine their anguish at this painful time.”

He continued, “Abdul-Rahman was taken from us in an act of pure evil by a terrorist group that the world rightly associates with inhumanity.” It’s an Islamic terrorist group, a component that Obama insists on repeatedly overlooking and understating.

Obama said, “While ISIL revels in the slaughter of innocents, including Muslims, and is bent only on sowing death and destruction, Abdul-Rahman was a humanitarian who worked to save the lives of Syrians injured and dispossessed by the Syrian conflict. While ISIL exploits the tragedy in Syria to advance their own selfish aims, Abdul-Rahman was so moved by the anguish and suffering of Syrian civilians that he traveled to Lebanon to work in a hospital treating refugees. Later, he established an aid group, SERA, to provide assistance to Syrian refugees and displaced persons in Lebanon and Syria. These were the selfless acts of an individual who cared deeply about the plight of the Syrian people. “

It was all quite neatly sanitized to avoid any indication that the terrorists are Islamists and to make a point of the fact that they kill their “fellow Muslims” too.

Since Kassig’s conversion to Islam occurred while in captivity under the threat of death, one has to question the sincerity and the validity of his conversion as well as a religion that murders or tolerates murder as a recruitment tool.

The American Ranger should have been remembered and addressed by his true American name and a true American “president” would have done just that. Calling him by this Muslim label is an insult added to the brutality that he endured both in his captivity and his murder.

Kassig stood no chance of being freed or spared by ISIS according to Dr Andreas Krieg, a King’s College London professor, who said, “Conversion in the case of IS [Islamic State] would not save the individual from death. IS does not differentiate between Muslims and non-Muslims, they differentiate between those following their ideological construct of Islam and those that do not. Only those that adhere to their ideology, which they call Islam, are being spared”

Dr Kreig added, “In the case of Western hostages, or hostages with Western passports, neither will save them. The propaganda value of these beheadings is just too precious for them to spoil it on ideological considerateness.”

But Obama will keep diddling as ISIS and their influence continue to strengthen. Far from being their American enemy, Obama is their greatest ally.

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