Obama never claimed he had executive experience...

(The Washington Examiner) -- Give Barack Obama credit. He never claimed he had the executive experience many Americans feel is essential for a president.

Go back to October 2006. There was much buzz that Sen. Obama, newly arrived in Washington, would run for the White House. "You've been a United States senator less than two years, you don't have any executive experience. Are you ready to be president?" the late Tim Russert asked Obama on NBC.

"Well, I'm not sure anybody is ready to be president before they're president," Obama responded. "You know, ultimately, I trust the judgment of the American people."

That didn't exactly answer the question. Obama's theory was that if he could survive the rigors of a campaign, and voters chose him to be president, then he was ready to be president. He didn't say anything about actually running the executive branch of the U.S. government.

A couple of months later, in December 2007, Obama again appeared on NBC and was again asked why Americans should vote for a candidate with no executive experience.

"People desperately want change," he answered, explaining that he could "bring people together to get things done" and "make sure that the voices of the American people aren't drowned out." Again, there was nothing about actually running the government.

When it came to the question of executive experience, Obama was lucky in the 2007-2008 Democratic primary season. Most of his rivals didn't have any such experience, either. Hillary ClintonJohn EdwardsJoe Biden, Chris Dodd, and others -- none had even a bit of executive experience, although some Clinton supporters tried to argue that her years as first lady should count.

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