MEDIA SPIN: NBC News Now Calls Dead American Soldiers 'NATO Troops'...


(NBC News) -- Three NATO service members were killed and one was wounded in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday by an assailant wearing an Afghan National Security Forces uniform, the first such attack in several months.

The International Security Assistance confirmed the attack but did not release further information regarding nationality of the troops killed.

"We can confirm that three ISAF service members were killed and one wounded by an individual wearing an ANSF uniform in Gardez,'' said Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Zahir Azimi.


(Telegraph) -- Three US special forces have been killed by an Afghan wearing a security forces unfiorm, in the first apparent "insider attack" in months.

Since last year, attacks by Afghan soldiers on their allies in the NATO-run ISAF force have become a serious problem, threatening to further undermine waning support for the war among Western nations sending troops here.

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