Obama Lives Where Only the Media Disturb the Peace


From George Washington on, presidents have blamed “them lyin’ newspapers” for their problems, and often for the problems they create. And not just presidents; governors, mayors and even aldermen play the national political sport. The villains now include television and the Internet.

Presidents dream of drawing interviewers like Ezra Klein of Vox.com. President Obama sat down the other day with Mr. Klein and he served up one softball after another about the president’s political theories, his reading of history and his dreams. The pitcher had neither curve ball nor slider in his repertoire, and Mr. Obama duly knocked them out of the park. The president thinks the legislative filibuster should be abolished, he would amend the Constitution to limit political speech and he thinks income redistribution is a good thing “for its own sake.”

But when he dismissed concerns about violent radical Islam as a media creation, which he thinks has been hyped and doesn’t mean much, anyway, he crossed into fantasy. He compared himself to a city mayor whose job requires him to deal with crime and criminals, and the media’s eagerness to play up the deeds of the few hardly makes the problems serious. He suggests that reporters and pundits play up the violence in the Middle East for the same reason television’s Entertainment News hypes murder, mayhem and a light snowfall.

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