Obama in Trouble with the American People

 A President Trying to Catch Up with His People

A President Trying to Catch Up with His People

By: Bernie Goldberg (BernardGolberg.com)

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “There go my people. I must follow them, for I am their leader.” Gandhi, of course, was simply being humble. He was a great leader and a man of great courage, a man who freed his people and changed the course of history. They didn’t call him Mahatma for nothing, a word linked only to those who are seen as good, wise and holy.

Barack Obama is also trying to catch up with his people. But he is not a leader motivated by high principle and courage. He is the kind motivated by the necessities of politics.

His speech on national television about defeating the terrorists of the Islamic State just happened to come as his poll numbers were hitting all time lows. It was a speech he could have, and should have, delivered a month ago. But his numbers were higher then.

According to a Fox News poll released just a few days ago, 59 percent of those polled say the United States is less respected than when Mr. Obama took office. Fifty-seven percent see him as “weak and indecisive.” On his handling of foreign policy, only 34 percent approve while 59 percent disapprove. Overall, he gets a 38 percent job approval rating, which matches his all time low.

Mr. Obama saw that the American people were way out ahead of him in their desire to crush ISIS. Two beheadings of innocent Americans will do that. So in his speech, he tried to catch up with the American people – after all, he is our leader, and, oh yeah, the midterm elections are less than two months away.

He said we would defeat ISIS. That’s what we wanted to hear, though it would have been nice if he said it with more passion and conviction. He said there would be no boots on the ground. Wise or not, that’s what the American people want too.

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