Obama Declares War on the Suburbs


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RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, as an adjunct, or a continuation of the discussion just now on the polling data, the Washington Post/ABC News showing how bad it is for the Republicans, the way they're handling the immigration crisis on the Southern border. I had a sound bite yesterday from the governor of Nebraska and I did not get to it, and I could shoot myself for not getting to it.  I don't need it now, too late now.  It's my bad.  But I can tell you what it was about.

The governor of Nebraska was livid when he found out that a whole slew of these children crossing the border are being dumped in his state and nobody told him, he didn't know.  That was the sound bite.  And it's happening to a lot of governors.  They're not being told.  That Border Patrol and Homeland Security and whoever it is, these companies the Regime has hired to handle transportation logistics, they're just dumping these kids. They're dumping them with families, I mean, they're dumping them in houses and homes.  They're not dumping 'em on the street, but the governors of these states do not know it.

There's a story about this today at National Review Online, Jim Geraghty's column.  Obama's Feds secretly inserting what are essentially illegal alien invasion forces into the states and not telling state authorities.  And there's a link to the study or the report.  We had the sound bite from the governor yesterday.  Now, there's a dot here that is not being connected.  You remember me telling you, and I interviewed this guy for the Limbaugh Letter. Stanley Kurtz of National Review wrote a book on his demographic study of what he says is Obama's war on America's suburbs.  And there is a related initiative at Housing and Urban Development called AFFH, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. 

So Kurtz has a theory that Obama has a war on the suburbs to take people from the inner city and put them in the suburbs via affordable housing right in these suburban neighborhoods.  It is happening, and I will take a break and explain it in a moment.

RUSH:  Stanley Kurtz said in his interview with me in the Limbaugh Letter, as well as in his book, that this transformation of the suburbs would be a major tenet of Obama's second term.

Now, when did this border crisis start?  Second term.  What do we have?  We're being overrun.  There's no end in sight, by the way, and the news is that there's no end in sight.  The governments of Mexico and Guatemala are facilitating the trip north by these kids.  There's no end to this, folks.  Nobody's trying to stop it.  Obama's not trying to stop it.  The Republicans aren't trying to stop it.  That's why this poll is so cockeyed.

And these kids, what's happening to them?  Nobody's allowed to see. Nobody's allowed to know, are they?  That's why the governor of Nebraska was a little bit upset when he found out that a bunch of 'em are ending up in his state, which takes us back to Stanley Kurtz.  Kurtz makes the point that Obama and the left -- and this is true, this is not opinion. They will tell you this if you listen to them.  They think people that live in the suburbs -- well, they resent them.  You've heard a term applied to suburbanites called "white flight," have you not?  That's how Obama looks at it.

Obama, Eric Holder, and many on the left in the Democrat Party think that people in suburbia fled the city to get away from minorities, essentially, to get away from the poor. To get away from dilapidated buildings and crumbling infrastructure.  They moved to the suburbs and they formed these communities which are clean and prosperous and it's not fair because the poor couldn't leave, the poor were trapped.  The upwardly mobile, because of their relative affluence, were able to leave and move.

So Obama has had a war on the suburbs.  And do not doubt this.  This is something that's never gonna be in the news.  This is something that's part of the Obama agenda that's never going to be openly stated, just like he never openly stated that he was for socialized medicine.  He did in closed session with his union buddy supporters, but he'll never put it as part of the agenda. 

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