Obama: “Cynical Geniuses” In GOP Tricked Americans Into Believing The Government Doesn’t Work…

(ZIP) -- So without Republicans everyone would love the federal government? I’m guessing Obama doesn’t realize how stupid that sounds.

NEWPORT, R.I. (AP) — President Barack Obama on Friday blamed dysfunction in Congress on a Republican Party he said is captive to an ideologically rigid, unproductive and cynical faction, urging like-minded Democrats to show up for November’s midterm elections.

Addressing Democratic donors at a fundraiser in Rhode Island and another in New York, Obama said Republicans had realized that blocking all progress led Americans to become cynical about government. Republicans consider that “a pretty good thing” because they don’t believe in government to begin with, Obama said.

“It doesn’t have to be that way,” Obama said during a barbecue in Purchase, New York. “There has been a certain cynical genius to what some of these folks have done in Washington.”

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