Obama Admin Spent $9 Million To Sign Up Only 712 People In Vermont’s Obamacare Exchange, More Than $12,000-Per-Person…

 H/T Weasel Zippers

H/T Weasel Zippers

Our tax dollars hard at work.

Just 712 people in Vermont have enrolled in the state’s new health insurance exchange, despite $9 million in outreach, advertising and other PR expenses paid for by the federal government.

 (THE DAILY MAIL) More takers for one-way trip to Mars than for Obamacare, and one state spending $12,000 so far to attract each new insurance customer: Is this the worst launch ever?

  • 'Mars One' colony project has 200,000 commitments from would-be space cadets, outpacing Americans' interest in Affordable Care Act participation
  • Vermont has enrolled just 712 people after spending $9 million on outreach, advertising and other PR ventures
  • One MSNBC host best known for explaining away a series of racy 'naughty Santa' photos now says it's her past work for the company behind the Obamacare website that she finds embarrassing
  • HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius made time for a Comedy Central interview but won't accept an invitation to testify before Congress
  • Healthcare.gov was tested just 1 week before its launch date, after the Obama administration spent $394 MILLION building it and other Obamacare websites
  • The top contractor has been paid more than $200 million despite being fired by a Canadian province for botching its medical records database

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