NYT: Obama to Bypass Congress on Easing of Iran Nuclear Sanctions

(NewsMax) -- President Barack Obama is doing everything in his power to bypass Congress and suspend most of the sanctions placed on Iran over its nuclear program, The New York Times reports.

The president's efforts to undercut Congress in the negotiations have riled many members, including New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

"If a potential deal does not substantially and effectively dismantle Iran's illicit nuclear weapons program, I expect Congress will respond," said Menendez, who has sponsored legislation to "tighten" sanctions if no deal is struck by Nov. 24. "An agreement cannot allow Iran to be a threshold nuclear state."

Republican Sen. Mark S. Kirk of Illinois, a vocal critic of the negotiations, said Congress could not allow the president to "unilaterally unravel Iran sanctions that passed the Senate in a 99 to 0 vote," referring to the 2010 vote that imposed the stringent sanctions against Iran, according to The Times.

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