NOT GOOD NEWS -- US Special Forces Pushed Back By ISIS After Attempt To Rescue A Jordanian Pilot…

Via PJ Media:

The Pentagon hasn’t yet commented on reports that U.S. Special Forces tried yet failed to rescue the downed Jordanian pilot from the clutches of ISIS on New Year’s Day. From the International Business Times:

Five coalition aircrafts reportedly hovered at low altitude over the city, while more than 12 raids were carried out on the outskirts. Reconnaissance planes were used to help aid the attacks, destroying a number of key IS buildings.

At the other end of the city, two helicopter gunships attempted to deploy special forces on the ground to rescue the hostages. However both gunships quickly came under heavy fire from IS militants in the Rumelia area, northeast Raqqa.

Eyewitnesses said they heard gunshots and helicopter gunships circling in the area.

Faced by heavy gunfire from IS militants, both helicopters were forced to abort their attempted landing. Strong clashes erupted, centring around al-Saqiya Street, where the helicopters had tried to land.

Another attempt was made to land in the countryside of eastern Raqqa between villages in the Alekershi area, and fighting ensued.

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