Not Content With Restricting Gun Ownership, Democrat Congressman Sponsors Bill To Ban Body Armor...

(IJReview) -- Congressman Mike Honda (D-California) is a strong supporter of gun control. In fact, he filed three bills as an anti-crime package last week, two of which were bills to restrict gun ownership. The third bill is a ban on body armor by those who are not police officers and other first responders.

Honda’s bill is H.R. 378 and is called the “The Responsible Body Armor Possession Act.” While there is no text available for the bill, it’s essentially rehashed from a bill that failed last year. It would ban Level III and better body armor for civilians. Level III body armor is capable of stopping rifle rounds.

In a press release sent out about the bill, Congressman Honda says this:

This bill allows law enforcement to respond to active shooting situations more effectively. The bill prohibits the purchase, sale, or possession of military-grade body armor by anyone except certain authorized users, such as first-responders and law enforcement.

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