ALERT: No One Knows Where 3 Daiichi 100 Ton Nuclear Cores Went!



Wall St. Journal: Unknown where Fukushima’s nuclear fuel went; Even if found, they don’t know how to get it out — RT: No one knows where the three 100-ton blobs are

Wall St. Journal, Aug 15, 2013: Most of the world may not have noticed, but the cleanup efforts at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant passed a big milestone on Wednesday. A bureaucratic milestone, at least. [...] On Wednesday, the Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan’s nuclear regulator, officially approved an [sic] plan that lays out — in 3,695 detailed pages — everything from the broad road map that Fukushima Daiichi operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. is following to clean up and dismantle the crippled plant [...] Of course, there are still lots of unknowns and unknowables about the cleanup at Fukushima Daiichi — where exactly the melted fuel rods are, for instance, and how to get them out safely. Thus, the plan will be changed and updated as needed in the future, an NRA official told JRT.

RT, Aug 17, 2013 – Christina ConsoloNuked Radio: We have three 100-ton melted fuel blobs underground, but where exactly they are located, no one knows. Whatever ‘barriers’ TEPCO has put in place so far have failed. Efforts to decontaminate radioactive water have failed. Robots have failed. Camera equipment and temperature gauges…failed. Decontamination of surrounding cities has failed. We have endless releases into the Pacific Ocean that will be ongoing for not only our lifetimes, but our children’s’ lifetimes. We have 40 million people living in the Tokyo area nearby.Read the full RT interview here

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