Newspapers Are Dying Fast... The Product and Business Stinks...



  • The newspaper business stinks
  • Take a look at the product
  • People don't read, they skim
  • Readers trust peers, not institutions

Does anyone really "read" a newspaper anymore? Did they ever?

It's a pretty important question, given all the newspapers trading hands these days.The Washington Post and The Boston Globe  are the latest.

Of course, the deals seem to get cheaper. They're in the millions now, when not too long ago they were in the billions. Another sign of the industry's ongoing decline. That downward trend started with TV competition, was accelerated by the Internet and seems to have solidified with the mobile explosion of the last few years.

According to Gallup, 55 percent of Americans get their news from TV, 21 percent from the Internet, and 6 percent from radio. Print? 9 percent.

The latest raft of deals, particularly the entrance of digital titans like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is prompting talk about arresting the decline. But those discussions are centering on advances in distribution and advertising. No doubt those can help.

But no one is really talking about the product.

Once you take the movie times (Fandango) and the classified ads (Craigslist) out of the paper, you're pretty much left with news stories. (OK, and the comics.)

And those news stories haven't changed much.

But reading habits have.  Continue reading via CNBC...


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