News Alert! An Unscheduled Stop! Obama Heads for . . .

(by Keith Koffler, WHite House Dossier)


Did you think he would go to the border? Nuh uh. I thought he would. But I gave him too much credit. Instead, the president headed for a rib joint!

He cut in line, but paid off the unlucky barbecue seekers.

From the pool report:

After POTUS finished at Austin’s Paramount, motorcade sped east just past I-35 to Franklin’s, a hugely popular barbecue spot that was packed. Pool squeezed in just as POTUS reached the head of the line at the counter to order.

He apologized to the two at the head of the line for cutting in front of them, but offered to buy their lunch — along with the takeout for the rest of his party. The tattooed workers patiently waited for POTUS to sort out his order.

Uh oh. Not enough money.

When POTUS got to the register to pay, he produced a wad of 20s for an order that came to exceed $300, then asked trip director Marvin Nicholson if his (the president’s) credit card is good. MN assured POTUS it is, so the bill was paid on credit, a JP Morgan card.

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