NEW VIDEO -- How the Pilots Might Have Sabotaged Missing Jet

(by Oliver Darcy, TheBlaze) -- A new video produced by the Wall Street Journal explains how possible sabotage to the missing Malaysia Airlines jet would have likely been conducted.

According to the Journal, the first thing likely disabled was the plane’s transponder. This would have likely required unplugging circuits in the cockpit.

Next, the Journal says it’s likely the flight management system — called ACARS — was disabled. To shut this off, an individual would have had to issue a set of keystrokes on one of the two flight management computers, according to the Journal.

Finally, to keep flying undetected, two individuals would have had to work together to disable the satellite communication, the Journal reported. This would have required an individual entering the plane’s lower deck where the electronics bay is located, while another continued to fly the aircraft, the video said.

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