New He-She State Physician General Specializes In Psychiatry, Behavioral Health – Really?

(Rick Wells, GOP The Daily Dose) -- One would think that the United States would eventually cross a line where shame naturally has to exert its rightful place over runaway tolerance or where reality has to grab the rampant collective liberal permissiveness and shake it back into some sort of loose attachment to morality and our biology.

The absurdity of the actions of progressives and the public’s eventual acceptance is limited only by the need of having a bizarre component on each side of the equation.

In the case of the newest nominee for Pennsylvania Physician General, those component requirements are filled by the extremely liberal socialist Democrat governor, Tom Wolf on one side, and by a man who wears dresses, makeup and pretends he’s a woman, Dr. Richard Levine on the other.

Adding to the weird circumstances of the appointment, the doctor, who now goes by the name Rachael Levine, is a supposed expert in the fields of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, with thirty years of experience. The quote, “Physician, heal thyself” comes to mind.

In a manner typical of those who promote homosexuality and the acceptance of perversion as normal behavior, Levine claims, “I was not appointed because I was a transgender woman; I was appointed because of my expertise.” He added, “But Gov. Wolf didn’t shy away from me because I was in the LGBT community, and I think that’s amazing.”

What’s really amazing is the level of denial or self-deception the doctor is engaging in. Of course he was chosen precisely because he wears a dress and lipstick. Levine might be kidding himself, as he’s obviously accustomed to doing, but there is no doubt as to the motivations of the ultra-liberal governor.

The governor is an activist for LBGT preference and is supporting House Bill 300, a piece of legislation which prevents discrimination based upon gender confusion and allows men to hang in the ladies’ restroom. His new Physician General is an advocate as well.

Levine is a board member of Equality Pennsylvania, a statewide LGBT advocacy group. He told the Blade that he would support and “personally advocate” for a bill that would ban anti-LGBT discrimination in Pennsylvania. That surely won’t be the last collaborative effort for this pair.

The doctor is obviously credentialed, experienced and knowledgeable in his field. There is also no denying that the behavior exhibited by this medical professional would have just a short time ago been classified as deviant. It is only through activism and promotion such as what he and the governor are currently engaged in that the definition has changed.

Whether a patient has a problem with Levine’s behavior is between them and their doctor. For the governor to embark upon this as an activist issue is another matter entirely. As is often the case in the socialist liberals’ drive for equality in every form for every conceivable behavioral niche, what should be treated as a personal issue has been elevated to a state-sponsored campaign.

Pennsylvania used to seem like such a normal place, before Sandusky, Paterno, and now Levine and Wolf.

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