NBC's Brian Williams Needs To Resign, and Here’s Why

(THE DAILY CALLER) -- It’s now fairly well documented that Brian Williams, anchor at NBC News, lied about being in an Army Chinook helicopter that came under fire. But it’s much worse than a simple lie — as diagrammed by the reporting of Stars and Stripes, it’s a battlefield embellishment that gradually turned into a bald-faced lie, and it amounts to stolen valor.

For a reporter in Williams’ position, really any reporter anywhere, credibility is everything. To have credibility during war, combat is everything, and what Williams did is steal that credibility from the military members who were actually on that bird.

On every occasion that he fabricated this event, it was done so in a way that the result invariably was to add to Williams’ credibility as a reporter.

It certainly wasn’t for the troops’ sake that he recounted this story, in fact, it now seems that Williams used the pretense of honoring one of our troops at a Rangers’ game in order to provide context for him to repeat this fabrication, and as a result, once again bolster his warzone street cred.

As a Marine, and later a war correspondent, I’ve spent 16 months total in combat zones. Nonetheless, I can count on my hand how many times I’ve been under fire.

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